Thursday, September 06, 2007

Violence and Jesus

A violent act occured in my classroom today, right before my very eyes. It was not a fight, or "just a fight", Lord knows I've broken up many-a fight... that does not scare me at all.... but this was a scary event. I cannot go into detail here, I don't know who reads this and it's not information that I can give out. But it happened. No one was hurt (thank, God!), but had it not been handled quickly, someone may have been hurt.

Then, somone (a parent of one of my students, actually) sent me this video from God Tube. It was exactly what I needed after a day like today.


mommacurran said...

I have been catching up on some blogs. I read a few....they look pretty, creative, and thoughtful, but when it all comes down...yours is real life. I really appreciate it! more later!


artgirlATL said...

Sorry to hear anything to spook you took place. Email me if you need to talk, and I can give you my number if you need it. Be Sweet!

Mrs. Pivec said...

Oh, Jessica, I'm sorry. Somehow I thought the children you taught were in elementary school. Was it in the grade school that it took place? Well, I'm glad it worked out for you. Hope you have a restful - and peaceful - weekend!