Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yes.... We Are Weird!

September23 018
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Sometimes we get bored. This is our remedy. We laughed for hours over this batch. Cheryl wanted to see the photos that I mentioned in an earlier post this week. I thought about it... and why hesitate? Life is fun... we SHOULD share these photos. *As noted in my earlier post this week, I was drinking red juice... hence the crazy mouth. And yes my eyebrows are all outta whack, and yes I have no bra on... LOL! And yes... we are (a little) weird. A bag full of weird up in here.

Disclaimer: There was no alcohol involved in the creation of this photo. We act like this normally. Thank you.

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Mary said...

Y'all are goofy! LOL! Although Honey and I were like that when we did the after-dark photos.