Monday, October 22, 2007

Clean Eating?

So, now that I've been asked to get off my butt and cook more, I have made more trips to the grocery store... and LOOK! They now have Dunkin' Donuts coffee at my local grocery store... which just happens to be Publix. Hey everybody, I love Publix. I love their bakery, their deli, their magazine section, I love that they employ mentally challenged folks, and have a heart for those needing a 'future'... , I love everything about it. Publix is a good place and I will always give them my business. Even though their prices are higher, you GET what you PAY for! Really!

I was more than thrilled when my local grocer started carring Starbucks coffee. I bought it. I made some espresso drinks. Lattes. But Starbucks is my treat. Dunkin Donuts was my addiction. ...and NO, I did not eat their doughnuts... it was their COFFEE!!! It was A. MAE. ZING. ! I could get an XL Coffee w/ cream and sugar for 1.85 that would last me all morning... up until lunch time at least... and they have those wonderful earth-friendly styrofoam cups that kept the coffee hot until noon!

But then. The DD in my area. CLOSED. And a Starbucks opened up across the street. Great coffee. But. Not. The. Same.

My mom was buying me these make-it-at-home bags of DD coffee sold at HER DD in Fort Lauderdale. .... she would bring it up when she saw us, and stock us up... (us meaning my sisters and I)...

and now... she no longer has to, because I can have a steaming cup of DD's anytime I want... and every morning in fact! ...

So, I was reading this magazine about clean and healthy eating and they recommended NO COFFEE. Yeah, right. That's certainly the diet I want to stick to.


Maria said...

I've never had DD coffee. I'll have to see if our stores out here in So. California carry it.

There's no way in he** that I can give up coffee to live healthier. I think I'd rather give up chocolate, and I love chocolate! But I look forward to that first cup of coffee every morning!

Enjoy your DD!

omly said...

No DD? That is blasphemy! Her in New England we give directions by DDs: take a left at the DDs, then when you reach the second DDs keep straight another 200 ft.

Speaking of which literally while I was typing this, my mom asked if I wanted to walk down to Dunkys :)

artgirlATL said...

Preach it sister. I loooooove DD coffee. An not only is it rockin, it's cheaper than my once a year Starbucks treat. I get the extra large(tub-o-coffee)hazlenut flavored coffee and it's just like um.. 1.99 I think. Cause it doesn't have the word latte on it. They do charge like 4. for lattes. Hey, just tell them extra cream please and BAM... it's yummo!

Gina said...

I LOOOVE DD Coffee!! They sell it in the grocery stores down here in Georgia now

BTW, according to the book '150 Healthiest Foods on Earth' COFFEE is on the list! This is a great book. I highly recommend it.