Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sick kid, busted lip, and halloween. Happy Freaking Halloween Everyone! :)

Camden 001
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Happy Halloween everyone!

Camden was sick this Halloween. He has been sick since Monday afternoon-- so our Halloween consisted of eating dinner, putting on a costume for ten minutes just to take a picture, and then putting the little one to BED.

Here he is earlier -- eating toast while lounging in his newly-claimed chair, otherwise known as "the blue chair" to all of my family. Camden has "claimed" "the blue chair" these past few days. It has been a long few days at home with him... from fever and puking to ear aches and coughs, who knows what he has... I feel like he's OK to go to school tomorrow, and hopefully we can make it to the weekend.

Most of you arlready know this, but caring for a sick child is. so. freaking. exausting! I have just had two days off of work and I feel like I've worked harder than if I had actually gone to work. A mom never has an "off" day in my opinion! Luckily, he went to bed at a decent hour this evening. Last night he was up late. Did I mention he busted my lip last night? Yes. He. Did. With the remote control, or "mote" as he calls it. He thought he'd be funny and smack me in the face with it. How. Nice. JUST the way I treat someone who has been caring for my sick ass for the last few days. Glad that he is still young enough to not REALLY understand yet. :)


Maria said...

Sorry to hear about his lingering illness and your busted lip. I hope things look up soon!

hsing3kinder said...

"JUST the way I treat someone who has been caring for my sick ass for the last few days."

I'm sorry, I am howling with laughter!!! You are hysterical!
I know just where you are.
Make your sista bring ya some Starbucks ~ Venti!!!
Love & Hugs ~ Kris

mommacurran said...

Bless his heart. I hope he gets to feeling better. I love this post in contrast to Monday's the roller coaster of motherhood.

artgirlATL said...

I hope he feels better. Yes, we all have those days. Get some rest this weekend!

cheryl said...

LOL - Sorry. Not funny. But laughing because I never heard you say ass before. LOL. Poor little guy - and mom too. I HATE it when the kids are sick. Nope. Moms NEVER get a day off. Not even when they are all grown up from what I hear! Hope he feels better.