Saturday, December 01, 2007

All is Calm, All is Bright - Month of December

Please join me in the month of December for my new series "All is calm, all is bright". We want to be calm and bright this holiday season, don't we?! Consider this your online class for December... a survival-guide for the holidays.

Now... it's close to Midnight on December 1st! Here is your to-do list for this weekend!

(This list assumes that you have been living on a far-away planet and you have no idea that it is now DECEMBER and you have 24 days until CHRISTMAS DAY!)


1. Get your decorations up and out!

2. Make a list of those that you need to buy for this holiday season!

3. If you are making gifts, make a master list of all that you plan to make this holiday season!

4. Mull over your lists... and consider your holiday season "officially" kicked off!!

(save your lists... we will refer back to them...)

Here We Go!
Stay Tuned!

Oh... and did I mention, It's DECEMBER FIRST!

Happy Holidays!!!!

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