Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No picture.

No picture for you today. I've lost my camera charger, dang-it! ... Can't find it anywhere ... and haven't had the time to REALLY LOOK, either. My house is clean, which is strange for a Wednesday-- this is the day that it usually begins going downhill for the weekend. But, it has stayed pretty clean. I thank Chili's for that, as Joe had two back-to-back games last night so Camden and I met my sisters at Chili's-- where we had the NICEST SWEETEST little southern waitress. She was just SO NICE-- and funny, too. We left her a nice tip. It was because of that one night out, though, that I'm sure my house has stayed clean. That, and I've had more energy.

More energy? Yes! Why? Because! I started RUNNING! ... sounds crazy if you're not an exercise kind of person... but really, I started Monday night. Tuesday night, I had 'off', and tonight, Joe had a game at 7.45, so I had to hurry and clean up the kitchen so I could get my run in before he left for his game. Nice. I'm so happy that I did it even though my legs have been ACHING ever since Monday. I asked Sarah, who is the science teacher on my team, and also a fitness instructor, from which I used to take classes, pre-baby and pre-husband, ANYWAY, I asked her about my legs and why they hurt SO. Badly. She said that's good and the best thing I can do is go run tonight! So. I. Did. Pretty proud of it too! ...and I fully contribute all of my extra energy to THE. RUN-NANG. JEN-NAY!

On a side note, Camden has not adjusted to the time change. Either that, or he's being really clingly lately. He does not want to go to bed at 7 when it's time. Tonight, he went down at normal time, and I was not home 10 minutes before he was crying and carrying on. So, I went in, and he asked for more milk in his bottle, so I got him up and went into the kitchen to get that, him in one hand, milk in the other. Joe was going to try to put him down, but he didn't want to, he kept saying 'rock, rock, rock'... yes... he wanted me to rock him. (Which is what he did last night too.)... so, I did. And we talked and laughed, and I ended up crying because I can't believe how BIG!! HE IS GETTING!!! I started to get tear-y when he was babbling on, but what really caused the river was the silliest thing: He said "book", and I said: "Did Daddy read to you tonight?"... he said "Yes." I said "Did you read your new book 'No, David'?" ... He said "Yes." and then proceeded to TRY and tell me the PLOT of the story. He said (In his baby-talk way); "David Mess", and I said "yes, baby, David made a mess"... and then he said "David Run"... and I said "yes, baby, David ran out of the house naked"... and I said "Did David have to go to time out?"... he said "Yes. David broke" , I said "yes, baby, David broke his momma's vase." ... and so it went.

And so, no, I didn't marvel at the awesomeness of his connections.

I didn't puff my chest out and say how proud I was that he was so smart.

I sat there and cried.

Because he is growing up.

And I still can't find my camera charger.

And my legs really do hurt now, after day two.


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these little boys growing up are getting to both of us.