Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pattern Give-Away

Ok... in the spirit of giving, I'd like to give a sewing pattern (or two) to two lucky winners. This time, you must do a little something to get your patterns! First, tell me what you would like to make, and sizing, style, etc. THEN, I need your help! I am giving a lot of handmade bags away for the holidays... many are going to be personally made for specific people. Tell me what I should "stuff" them with... because no one wants an empty bag! :) I will award sewing patterns to those ideas that I like the BEST :)! ...and if you are not a sew-er, but want to still give me your ideas on what to stuff my tote bags with... you are welcome to! ...and we are getting ready to go see family! :) Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
______________Edited Later____________________
Omly asked if they were all going to women... and the answer is yes, at least for this time around! I do have plans for bags for men, but at a later time. :)


omly said...

Are the bags all going to women?

omly said...

I love these sorts of things!

For my sister's wedding she went with "beach" bags as thankyous: a pair of flip flops (maybe the fun ones with ribbons you have mentioned previously in coordinating colors), sun block, a reusable waterbottle, etc.)

I have made "spa" baskets which are fun too: scented candles, a face mask kit (I buy french green clay and make them myself), bubble bath, a pumice stone, and perhaps some nail polish.

You can also go with the pattern of the fabric on the bags. For example I was thinking the cute rooster one you made you could include all sorts of things for a "country kitchen": cookie cutters, a nice mug, hot cocoa mix or coffee beans, perhaps a mason jar with homemade cookie or brownie mix.

Tracy said...

A bottle of wine. Movie style snacks, individual packets of microwave popcorn, and an inexpensive DVD or gift certificate for a movie rental. Everything needed for a relaxing night in!