Friday, November 23, 2007

Posting from the Road

Well... we have successfully been to Joe's family for thanksgiving, made half of thanksgiving dinner, enjoyed a lovely thanksgiving with them-- and then moved on to spend the latter part of the weekend with my family--... at the family reunion.

We ventured out on our trip this morning at 10am, factoring in the time-change... we were set to arrive at 3:00... and we DIDN'T take into account that Joe's Nana would ask him to help out with the Christmas decorations. And we didn't take into account that Joe's family lives near the mall, and of course, it was black friday--- and so... we were late. We were planning on getting our car serviced while we were here, since there is a dealership here in the same town as our family reunion... and we arrived at the Lexus dealership and had to leave... because Camden was throwing the biggest fit EVER ... which caused ME and JOE to get all uptight... and argumentative... and frustrated... and so, we left, and rescheduled for the morning, when Joe will go by himself to get the car serviced.

Camden did NOT have his nap, even though we were in the car for FIVE HOURS... he decided to fall asleep FIVE MINUTES before we got to the hotel.

We are now in the hotel. We stay on the "food floor"... the executive suite that has a little kitchen that is always stocked with coke products, juice, milk, fruit, coffee, tea, and BEN AND JERRYS!!!!!!! Yes... we are in heaven... after our car-trip from HELL. :) I will be taking some photos tomorrow. :)

Hope everyone is having a LOVELY Thanksgiving!


AMy said...

I can't believe you worked so much into one day anyway! But, glad, in the end, that the hotel was a nice stopping point.

hsing3kinder said...

I look forward to the pictures, hope you had fun and found great deals...and I'm sorry, once again, for laughting...the nap part. Oh do I remember my kids doing that. It's funny now, really. ;-)

artgirlATL said...

Wow you were busy. I hope it was a happy holiday with the family... My girls threw a few fighting fits.

karen blados said...

Oh boy! Glad to know I'm not the only one. All I heard on the four hour drive we took was mom this and mom that. I considered changing my name. Wow, that's probably not reassuring, is it?

Hope the rest of the trip was better.