Sunday, November 04, 2007


Halloween- Playing Cranium :)
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This is us. On Halloween. After Camden went to bed. Joe is taking the photo. The girls were over at our house for Camden's second Halloween. It was supposed to be a celebration, but ended up being a fit-fest, so we put him to bed. They went home to get out of their costumes (yes, costumes... hehe)... and into their PJs-- and to grab Cranium-- which is probably one of the most fun board games that we've ever played! :)

So... as you can see... me and Leslie (the one to the right of me) - washed our make up off, put our hair up and TRULY got comfortable. (T-shirt and PJ pants... no bra... mosturizer on, giving us that "glow"....)... and Christina (the one one the left of me) CHEATED. She always does. She has her make up on... her hair is still fixed cute... and so, once again, she is the PRETTY one in the photo. I swear she does this on purpose... LOL!

It's awesome having sisters-- and yet sometimes things are SO hard. My two sisters currently live with each other-- and so one is always coming over -- mad at the other. We never know which one will be showing up, but it's usually Leslie. Leslie and I lived together for a short while when she was just moving up for college and I was a first-year teacher. Living situations like that are tough! These two still fight, but they seem to be doing pretty good.

They are good about babysitting from time to time when we need it.... like a random night that we want to go out to dinner (which isn't very often, but at least we CAN sometimes...)... and the random day when Camden's daycare is closed on a random day that both Joe and I have to work-- (what's up with THAT?!!?!?!?)... They are always willing to pitch in to help with Camden.

They are still very young-- both in college-- but both are aspiring to be teachers-- and all I can tell them is CHANGE YOUR MAJOR~!!!!!!!

We have many, many sister stories. Maybe I should do a sister-story podcast. That would be a good one. We have lots of juicy crazyness that has happened. Yes. We. Do.

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