Sunday, November 18, 2007

Story Time Cushions for Camden's Classroom

This isn't a very exiting photo... but I post it because I have a story behind these cushions.

Camden got into a FIGHT at school on Friday. The little girl literally kicked the crap out of my little tough man~! She scratched him behind the ear, on the neck, and on the hand. He looked like he had gotten into a battle with a cheetah! So... I asked the teacher what on earth were they fighting about?! She replied: Well, we only have two storytime cushions and they both wanted the blue one. Hmmmm... Shouldn't ALL of the kids have their very OWN cushion for storytime? Yes. They. Should. So! I made THREE cushions this weekend.
(The pink is not shown, as my sewing machine was acting up by the time I got to that one... and I stopped for a bit, but will sew up the hole soon, so they will be ready for delivery by Daddy on Monday.)

I have some cool SpongeBob fabric and I plan to make smaller ones for the children if the teacher likes the large ones.... :) We will see! :)


Maria said...

Those are adorable! I am thinking I want a sewing machine for Christmas but then my hubby will freak out! As it is I am not getting to all my scrapping supplies and knitting stuff as fast as he'd like.

Mary said...

The cushions look great -- but poor Camden! You'll have to share the teacher's response! I'm sure she'll be bowled over.

omly said...

Geez! I am surprised that they use the cushions for the kids if they really don't have enough. That seems guaranteed to cause problems. I hope the teacher appreciates your hard work. They look great.