Friday, December 14, 2007

Free Hugs!

No photo for this post.However, I would like to tell a story.Yesterday, I took Camden to Publix. Oh, we had a few things to get, but a few things turned into a lot more. Camden has been insisting on "walking" instead of riding. Specifically yesterday, he wanted to "push" the cart. So, I stood in the regular-spot and pushed the cart, as he walked beneath me pushing the cart from a lower angle. Each time we would stop for something, he would want to hold it so that HE could be the one to place it in the cart. I allowed him to-- excepting the things that couldn't be "tossed" like the eggs. He spotted this older woman in the aisle with us, and walked up to her saying "Hug, Hug, Hug, Hug", and she was like- ooh, you want to give me a hug? So Camden hugged her... it was too sweet. Then, he started making a kissing sound.... wanting to give her a kiss... and so she bent down and he kissed her on the cheek. NOW, I know what you are all thinking-- that is some strange woman and what the heck, why did I allow this? ... but she was an old woman, with a dress and a shawl and was all hunched over-- so I was sure that he was safe, and I stood right there, ready to chase her if she tried to grab him and run. LOL! --But, I just thought it was so sweet. Out of all of the people in Publix, he saw this woman, and felt like she needed a hug. It was great!-- ...and it reminds me of the guy with the "Free Hugs" sign that I saw on Oprah.... LOL :) Here is a link to the "Free Hugs" campaign... just in case you have never seen the story...

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