Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pink Pincushion!

New Pincushion
Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
I included the other pincushion that I made in a sewing-themed holiday package for a friend... so... of course, I had to make me another... I really LOVE this style of pincushion!

Lots of "work" on the brain... too many projects to mention!

My weekend of sewing did give me a jumpstart, but I fear it sort of made me a little 'burnt out'... It is Wednesday and I have not sewed much of anything this week.

I DID make bookcovers for both of my sisters for their birthday! ... and I DO have a birthday project underway for my brother in law...

But Christmas? ... Let's just say I'm AHEAD of the game... but NOT YET FINISHED!


Pink Heels said...

If I had any sewing talent, I would HAVE to buy your pink pinchusion! I love it! Jennifer

A said...

These are just so adorable, Jessica! Awesome. Great colors - again.

Amy said...

Hmmmm.... your settings are new. So, if you don't know... the "A" above was me - Amy!