Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cabin View

Cabin View, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

The view here is breathtaking! We had a low-key day, went to the Comedy Barn, and now, Joe and I are about to watch Season 4 of the Gilmore Girls in the "movie room" of our cabin... (small room with wrap around couch and movie projector!!!)... it's really cool.

More photos to come!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

eating fritos on christmas day

eating fritos, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

This was taken yesterday... on Christmas Day. I was reading all about my new camera while Camden napped... and as soon as he got up, I was ready to try it out on him! (My mom and sisters were re-he-heally getting annoyed by me snapping photos of them for two hours straight... random photos of them, that were so horrible they could be used for blackmail some day...) So, once Camden got up, I started snapping photos of him... and this is him... on Christmas day... eating fritos. How sweet. Can't you just taste the salt on those little lips?

Well, we are here in Gatlinburg in our cabin. I haven't blogged about our trip, because I needed time to sit and get it all out. Yes... "it all" would mean that I have a story.

My mom, bless her heart, has been planning this trip since we returned from the mountains LAST Christmas. ...and when I say PLANNING, I mean PLANNING... the little lady is our family travel agent, complete with a little folder and email updates that read like travel commercials. So, of course, she booked some awesome little lodge for us to stay at at our "half-way" point.

...well that "awesome little lodge" turned out to be a lodge tucked away at the top of a mountain above the clouds. Yes, I mean the clouds... where it seems to be always foggy because you are IN THE CLOUDS, MAN! So, imagine, driving in the clouds (read: dense fog) in the DARK... in an unfamiliar place... well... that's just what we were doing... and we MISSED the lodge, and kept going... (we were following my dad)... So, we found what we thought was a safe place to turn around, and it ended up being NOT a safe place. My dad pulled in first, and as he tried to get his spiffy-shiny-black-city-Escalade around the corner, he somehow got stuck... we THOUGHT he was stuck, but he had actually run over a tree stump... so, the winds picked up, it had started to rain, and we were sitting at the top of a mountain where you couldn't see ten feet in front of you and my dad's Escalade had basically DIED... so...

My dad and Joe were outside trying to figure what we were going to do, my sisters both came over to my car in hysterics, so I called 911, and told them what had happened, and to see if there was anyone that could come get us because the driving conditions were just not feasable. I got disconnected from 911, we ended up leaving my mom and sisters, driving my dad back to the lodge as carefully as we could, checked in, unloaded OUR car in the lobby, and found some mountain boys with a big truck that could escort Joe and my dad back up the mountain to get my mom and sisters, and then Joe and my dad stayed with the Escalade until the tow-truck got there...

We ended up renting a car... and the Escalade is at a Cadallac dealer in Georgia getting fixed... and we continued our trip....

Since all of THIS... it has been GREAT!!!!!! Christmas Day was awesome, we all had an excellent time. We went shopping today.... and will do some more tomorrow...

Not much CREATIVE TIME lately... besides taking photos... which I'm having a lot of fun with that with my new camera.... and although I don't want the trip to end, I have an AWESOME new sewing machine to try out when I get home, too! ... so... more from our "Mountain Adventures" soon!

Hope EVERYONE is enjoying the holidays!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Trip has begun...

Our Christmas trip has begun... we've had much difficulty getting started... but have finally made it to our cabin, and we are in the process of getting settled.  The "full" story to come... Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the road again...

We are currently on our way to Panama City for one night to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. Camden in snuggled in his carseat watching Finding Nemo (yes for the millionth time). Joe is driving while delightfully annoying me with his "word game" -- he will look around us, and whatever word he sees, he will either incorporate it into our conversation, or he will sing a song about it...... EXAMPLE: a car tag said kings2, so, he changed the words around from "We Three Kings" to "2 kings" ... And there was a pilot gas truck -- and he said "You know my Pop was a pilot for 30 years?" ... Random and annoying, yes. Funny, sometimes... But overall, ignored!!
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Free Hugs!

No photo for this post.However, I would like to tell a story.Yesterday, I took Camden to Publix. Oh, we had a few things to get, but a few things turned into a lot more. Camden has been insisting on "walking" instead of riding. Specifically yesterday, he wanted to "push" the cart. So, I stood in the regular-spot and pushed the cart, as he walked beneath me pushing the cart from a lower angle. Each time we would stop for something, he would want to hold it so that HE could be the one to place it in the cart. I allowed him to-- excepting the things that couldn't be "tossed" like the eggs. He spotted this older woman in the aisle with us, and walked up to her saying "Hug, Hug, Hug, Hug", and she was like- ooh, you want to give me a hug? So Camden hugged her... it was too sweet. Then, he started making a kissing sound.... wanting to give her a kiss... and so she bent down and he kissed her on the cheek. NOW, I know what you are all thinking-- that is some strange woman and what the heck, why did I allow this? ... but she was an old woman, with a dress and a shawl and was all hunched over-- so I was sure that he was safe, and I stood right there, ready to chase her if she tried to grab him and run. LOL! --But, I just thought it was so sweet. Out of all of the people in Publix, he saw this woman, and felt like she needed a hug. It was great!-- ...and it reminds me of the guy with the "Free Hugs" sign that I saw on Oprah.... LOL :) Here is a link to the "Free Hugs" campaign... just in case you have never seen the story...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Camera Charger... FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must have fell... I found it in my tank-top drawer... go figure :)
More photos to come! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All is Calm, All is Bright

Hopefully by now your Holidays are underway!
Here are a few tips to keep your holidays CALM AND BRIGHT!

Holiday "Stressing"? - VOW to yourself to set aside time each night to
shop, or wrap, or plan. No more Holiday stressing... no more last
minute gifts... Examine your lists that we made earlier in the
month... are you finished shopping? Online shopping will start to get
stressful, as you will have to wait for the item to ship... so unless
you are paying top dollar for overnight or express shipping, I would
advise to do no more Online shopping!!! Give yourself a check on all
handmade items-- do you have everything done? This weekend, you
should finish up everything... :)

Christmas Cards-- Save the envelopes from all of the Christmas cards
you get in the mail. Keep a few extras of YOUR cards on hand, and if
you happen to get a card from someone whom you didn't send to, right
then and there, address it and drop it in the mail next time you are
out. Save the envelope so that you can transfer their name into your
address book for next year. This is a great way to stay on top of
your holiday card-exchanges and ensure that you stay in touch!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tonight's Project

Embroidery on Pillow, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

...a memory pillow for Joe's Brother, Camden's Uncle Dan! The tan square on the bottom right is Camden's handprint, and the upper square has ribbon detail. I added a lot of button embellishments, it came out great! :) I just love the blue and brown color combos!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pink Pincushion!

New Pincushion
Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
I included the other pincushion that I made in a sewing-themed holiday package for a friend... so... of course, I had to make me another... I really LOVE this style of pincushion!

Lots of "work" on the brain... too many projects to mention!

My weekend of sewing did give me a jumpstart, but I fear it sort of made me a little 'burnt out'... It is Wednesday and I have not sewed much of anything this week.

I DID make bookcovers for both of my sisters for their birthday! ... and I DO have a birthday project underway for my brother in law...

But Christmas? ... Let's just say I'm AHEAD of the game... but NOT YET FINISHED!

Custom Order... On it's way to Texas!

Worked on a custom order of book covers this evening... all evening! I am tired, and I have failed to clean up my mess-- the sewing room is a mess again... but it's nine o' clock and I need to take my bath and get ready to relax! :)


Check back tomorrow for my mid-week installment of "Calm and Bright".

Cheers everyone!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Haiku Monday!

Joe wrote this one this morning:
he's dropped off at school
his dad wishes he could stay
who would pay the bills?
(...what a great hubby and father, eh!)
And these were mine:
Meeting today and
Meeting tomorrow and then
More meetings all week
Chicken for dinner
And a veggie too
Dad, do the laundry

Wireless Posting

I just love having the ability to post from anywhere ... As long as I have my phone... I am connected. Like now-- NOWHERE NEAR a computer... And here I am. :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Originally uploaded by SunnyNole.
Just whipped this up. Got tired of organizing the sewing room and didn't want to get into a big project, because that would mean that I would have to finish it before I go to bed... and tomorrow is work... so... this. I've wanted one for awhile. Finally just made one. I admit, I had to use wood glue instead of fabric adhesive... but it worked :)

Getting ready to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I'm SO tired after this weekend of sewing! :)

I DID get a few things done, though... but... still... there is more on my list... more to be done... AND a busy work week next week...

I'm SOOOO looking forward to the Winter Break from school!

All is Calm and Bright - 22 days until Christmas!

22 Days!
Calm-- The weekend is slowly fading. You have been shopping all weekend. Perhaps decorating your house for Christmas, and your yard... now it's time to take some time for yourself this evening, and focus on your feet. I suggest Shea it isn't So foot cream by Bath and Body works! This is an awesome foot cream-- your feet deserve some attention after you've been on them all day at the mall! If you don't have this on hand, any type of foot cream will do. Extra points are awarded for MINTY foot cream...
Bright-- Planning ahead makes everything easier, and keeps that bright smile on your face. So, today, sit down and look at your calendar. Holiday parties coming up? Add a bottle of wine to your grocery list so you'll be prepared! Start thinking about your outfit. Are you giving handmade gifts this season? Refer back to your list that we made earlier in the week. Make sure that you are being realistic with your output. Is it really possible for you to get all of those handmade gifts done and still enjoy your holidays? Consider who in your family would appreciate the handmade gifts, and focus on them! Try to get all of your Christmas SHOPPING done by the end of this week (December 7th). Consider a shopping marathon (one day devoted to all of your gifts)... or shopping sprints (lunch hour and an hour or two after work). This will ensure that you get everything done before the mad rush begins. Up for the challenge?!

Handmade Holiday Weekend Work 12/02/2007

Well I had a productive weekend... I made six book covers, three heat-therapy bags, a boo-boo buddy and a freezer lavendar eye pillow. Just what I needed to kick off my handmade holidays-- with more focus now that I have items crossed "off" my list! I'm very excited about that! I have sibling birthdays coming up, and a few of these items will be for that... and I have one sponge-bob idea in the works for Joe's brother's birthday, which is in December also! (Have I mentioned that on top of Christmas, ALL OF OUR SIBLINGS have their birthday in December!!!???) ... so ... I've been a busy busy person this weekend.

I didn't declare it publicly, but Joe and Camden were out of town this weekend so that I could get all of this done. They are now on their way back... so... I'm wrapping up the sewing room and I'm going to get back in Mama-Wife groove... (which means I really need to take a shower, get out of my PJs, and get something cooking for my boys!!!) ...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

All is Calm, All is Bright - Month of December

Please join me in the month of December for my new series "All is calm, all is bright". We want to be calm and bright this holiday season, don't we?! Consider this your online class for December... a survival-guide for the holidays.

Now... it's close to Midnight on December 1st! Here is your to-do list for this weekend!

(This list assumes that you have been living on a far-away planet and you have no idea that it is now DECEMBER and you have 24 days until CHRISTMAS DAY!)


1. Get your decorations up and out!

2. Make a list of those that you need to buy for this holiday season!

3. If you are making gifts, make a master list of all that you plan to make this holiday season!

4. Mull over your lists... and consider your holiday season "officially" kicked off!!

(save your lists... we will refer back to them...)

Here We Go!
Stay Tuned!

Oh... and did I mention, It's DECEMBER FIRST!

Happy Holidays!!!!