Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A story behind the photo.

Owl {small wonder} #2
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I was so excited about the photo that I posted it before I had time to mull over the thoughs in my head surrounding this owl.

So... here goes...

My Grandmamma and Granddaddy collected owls. I immediately thought of them when I saw this owl yesterday. I was checking the mail when I spotted the owl. It didn't dawn on me until later the real reason that this owl was out there-- watching.

My birthday was just this past week. I had mentioned to my mom on the phone that this was the first year that I had noticed that I didn't get a birthday card from Granddaddy. He died over a year ago, within a year of my Grandmama's death. No matter where I lived, at home, in college, various apartments, finally to my present home, always, on my birthday, a card arrived from this set of grandparents.

I spotted the owl when I was checking the mail... four days after my birthday... one day after I had made the comment to my mom.

Certainly a touching moment-- and how wonderful that I was able to photograph it.

And this story came out tonight-- it was in my head, but when I was talking to my mother-in-law, she mentioned the photo, and I told her a little bit about the story--... and she said that she totally believes in those types of things-- in fact, she told me a little story of her own......

She is a retired nurse. She once took care of a patient who was going through chemotheraphy and she was the only one who could administer the type of treatments that he needed, so she worked with him almost daily. Throughout their interaction, he had commented to her quite frequently about how he loved gardenias, and the smell of gardenias. Time went by, and he was nearing his death. His wife called to let my MIL know that he was about to die, so she went down to the hospital to see him. When she walked in, he said hello to her, and then died shortly after. It was during the middle of winter. The day after his death, his wife called my MIL to tell her that a single, huge, and beautiful gardenia had bloomed on the gardenia bush in their backyard.


Life is full of so many wonders-- both big and small. Keep your eyes open for the unexpected. It is there, just waiting for you to SLOW down and notice.

Owl {small wonder} series.

Owl {small wonder} #2, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Spotted this guy in the woods as I was checking the mail today-- I had to get my camera so I could get this "small wonder".

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nap after doctor visit

Nap after doctor visit
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Took this with my camera phone on the way home from the doctors. Camden was so tired... He has pink eye in both eyes, so of course, we're home.

And really, I need to be at work because I don't need to take days off... I need to SAVE those days... :) But.... of course, pink eye is contagious so he absolutely cannot go to nursery school until it's "all gone"... :)

He was a holy terror at the doctors office. Probably because he was tired. This photo was taken literally ten minutes after we got in the car after the doctor visit. He just couldn't hold back any more! ;)

Now, I'm fighting the urge to get "much needed stuff accomplished" or watch my new Season 6 of Gilmore Girls and knit.... or nap.... I think I'll go get a few things done and then rest. I'll be home all day tomorrow with a list of things to do... so... should take advantage of down-time while he's still napping now. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Ok... it's been awhile, because I've been tired. Very, very tired. 8:00pm-bedtime-tired. By the time work is through, and then I get the little one, and get home and make dinner... and of course my husband helps, but just cleaning up from dinner and getting Camden a bath and ready for bed has been a chore. I want to crash right after it is all through. So, I haven't been doing much creative at all. Playing with my camera some, but that's about it. Blah.

I did speak with Omly in email today and she will be coaching me through some knitting projects. I can at least do that in bed on those nights when I'm feeling extra great and want to stay up past 8:00pm to watch a little prime time TV! ...

In other news, I've been cooking some yummy meals. :) Of course on those days when I don't have food aversions or sensory nausea-- LOL! Raw meat has bothered me lately... if I can just stand it enough to get it prepared and on it's way to being cooked, then I'm ok. This week, I've made a great Shrimp Scampi, a wonderful pot of Chili, and then last night, I copped out and made hot-dogs. Mainly because I was very tired, but also because I was not feeling well. The pressure was in the air and that always causes a headache! So, I may want to enter this dinner challenge... it sounds like a great way to incorporate my new camera in with my (chore/hobby) of cooking... :) -- we will see!

No cooking tonight though! My sisters are taking me out for my birthday! I'm excited... we should have fun! And, no, my birthday is not today, it's FRIDAY!

More about knitting and cooking later! ...and I really did get a new awesome sewing machine for Christmas... but I really haven't even opened the box to set it up yet. My sewing room is STILL a disaster from Christmas sewing, and I just haven't had the energy to tackle that mess yet.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Hopeful Purchase!

Hopeful Purchase
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Well it's been awhile because I've just been so tired! By the time I work a full day and then get home, get dinner ready and Joe and I get Camden to bed, we are BOTH exausted! I have been promising my mom that I would send photos of Camden for awhile now... and I finally logged on today to get them put up. I have a TON of stuff to blog about but really... I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard.

I DO want to post this photo, though. A hopeful purchase, yes! We are having another baby! Is it a girl? We DON'T KNOW YET... however, when I saw this while shopping today-- I HAD to get it... and now... I can only hope!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be my "token" of good luck! This pre-purchase was obviously a bit crazy... but I'm all about crazy. My husband keeps saying: "He's going to look stupid in that outfit." but at least he's humoring me and didn't say a word about the "crazy" early purchase. hehehe. He secretly wants a girl.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Small Wonders - Birds on a Wire {Jan 9}

Continuing with my Small Wonders Series for January--

The small wonders of birds, and how the congregate together to sunbathe on man-made telephone/light poles. I pass these birds each day. There are about twenty or so of them, dispersed among the line, sunbathing and picking at their feathers, observing the stop and go of daily traffic.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Series for January- Small Wonders {Jan 4}

My series for January... Small Wonders.
The small wonder of ice cream. Cold. Sticky. Delightful. Pure cheerfulness to a child.

Marble Slab Trip

Marble Slab Trip 7, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

Camden and I took a trip to Marble Slab today. Partly because we wanted to get a gift card for my sister's boyfriend, Jack, who graciously changed my flat tire this morning (yes, flat tire...we must have run over a nail somewhere in our travels... because that's what it was!)... and this trip to Marble Slab was fun. Except the part where he stole my spoon and began eating with both spoons, all the while yelling "creamy, creamy" and the whole ice cream shoppe was laughing!!

We spent the rest of the day completing our organizing tasks from Christmas. We still have a weekend of work to do. Luckily, Joe is motivated to do a lot of stuff too... so hopefully we'll both be motivated this weekend to get a lot done, and we will! :)

My CMP creative series for January is going to center around photography, I think. I thought about sewing projects, but I don't think that I will find the time to sew everyday. I did get a new awesome camera for christmas, and would like to experiment with that....
So... my series for January will be: "Small Wonders" - a series of photographs. Hope you enjoy.

In other news, we do have some news, but I will save it for a later entry. :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Warning: Gruesome Material

camden's accident at pops.
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Camden fell and busted his head open at Pops house. This was one of the scarlet colored rags that soaked up his blood and sobs. Joe took the photo... I guess wanting to preserve the moment of first having to soothe a baby (well, toddler) while simultaneously putting pressure on a point that won't stop bleeding. It was fun.

And I am TIRED. Tired, tired, tired.

We are finally home from our many trips. We traveled so much that I basically don't want to go anywhere for a long time.

The large mountain of "stuff" that was staring me in the face yesterday morning when I woke up overwhelmed me. The stuff included gifts from my side of the family and Joe's side of the family to me, Camden and Joe, plus all of our suitcases, bags, souviners, dirty laundry, coats, etc. When I say we had two truckloads of stuff, I'm not really disclosing the amount that stared me in the face. I got the entire doorway cleared yesterday. Not all is done, but mostly it's where it should be.

Now, I retreat to my nap.

January ATC Exchange - "Beginnings"

mediums- cardstock, stamps, magazine clippings, acrylic paints, foil and varnish

December ATC Exchange- "Gift"

December ATC Exchange- "Gift", originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

mediums- stampin' up stamps and glitter pen, magazine clippings, arcrylic paint, stamp ink for edging, varnish