Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Ok... it's been awhile, because I've been tired. Very, very tired. 8:00pm-bedtime-tired. By the time work is through, and then I get the little one, and get home and make dinner... and of course my husband helps, but just cleaning up from dinner and getting Camden a bath and ready for bed has been a chore. I want to crash right after it is all through. So, I haven't been doing much creative at all. Playing with my camera some, but that's about it. Blah.

I did speak with Omly in email today and she will be coaching me through some knitting projects. I can at least do that in bed on those nights when I'm feeling extra great and want to stay up past 8:00pm to watch a little prime time TV! ...

In other news, I've been cooking some yummy meals. :) Of course on those days when I don't have food aversions or sensory nausea-- LOL! Raw meat has bothered me lately... if I can just stand it enough to get it prepared and on it's way to being cooked, then I'm ok. This week, I've made a great Shrimp Scampi, a wonderful pot of Chili, and then last night, I copped out and made hot-dogs. Mainly because I was very tired, but also because I was not feeling well. The pressure was in the air and that always causes a headache! So, I may want to enter this dinner challenge... it sounds like a great way to incorporate my new camera in with my (chore/hobby) of cooking... :) -- we will see!

No cooking tonight though! My sisters are taking me out for my birthday! I'm excited... we should have fun! And, no, my birthday is not today, it's FRIDAY!

More about knitting and cooking later! ...and I really did get a new awesome sewing machine for Christmas... but I really haven't even opened the box to set it up yet. My sewing room is STILL a disaster from Christmas sewing, and I just haven't had the energy to tackle that mess yet.


twylitehope said...

Happy Birthday (a little early!)

omly said...

Actually on that subject I have more thoughts. I will send you another email :)

I have been planning my meals ahead for the week, which doesn't sound terribly exciting, except that it is! When I try to work something out each evening I tend to fall into the same old ruts and we eat a lot more meat (which I am not crazy about).

This rest of this week we are having:
*Teryaki Salmon, vegetable fried rice, and broccoli with oyster sauce
*Chicken pot pie (heavy on the root vegetables)
*Baked Ziti
*Tuna Rice Casserole

Added bonus: most of these can be make ahead meals for ease in the evenings.

Maria said...

Glad to see you posting again! I hope your energy level increases but I'm glad you are getting some rest.

Can't wait to see or hear about the knitting projects. I'm working away on a cotton baby blanket and it is taking forever! I so want to be done with it already. LOL

Que Sarah said...

Congratulations on your on your new little one! How exciting!
A great book for some quick and easy knitting stuff (baby included) is the Mason-Dixon Knitting book - wonderful stuff to make out of kitchen cotton (absorbant and machine washable - yay!)! And is my savior :-)
Good luck!
(PS, it's really weird, I came across your blog and you looked very familiar - turns out we have A LOT in hope I don't creep you by posting!)

Que Sarah said...

(I meant *doh!*)