Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Today.

Tired of Pictures now.
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He is two today.

We have had a swarm of parties! Two weekends ago with my family, Last weekend with Joe's family, today at school, and of course, tonight as a family! We'll be partied out by tomorrow, and in a few days I'm sure Cam will wonder when his next party is!

He is certainly growing. He can count to ten. He knows the names of MANY different types of animals. He talks up a storm! He uses phrases such as "Fine!" at the appropriate moments... that are cute... but also... make me worry... Haha! I'm in awe of him each and every day.

And... I have my first ultrasound for the 2nd one today! Will post pics when I get them. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday, little guy! Two is terrific!

cherylol said...

two already?!? awwwww - happy birthday!!!

And yes, my kid splay great photos. LOL. Ah, of only life was as it is in photos....I will have to take a photo of Weston chasing Ellerie with a bat, or her teasing him with a toy he can't play know, the mom wants to run away to Italy times. LOL.

And what??? You are pregnant?!? I am so out of the loop. Congratulations momma!!!

omly said...

What?! Oh my goodness! I am so excited, I don't even know what to say.

mommacurran said...

Happy Birthday Camden! And Jessica, really, is it a boy or a girl? Do you have a name?