Monday, February 18, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Knitting2.18.2008 005
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A few of you have been writing in to check on me. Yes, I'm still out here... yes... I'm still creating... however, I just haven't had the opportunity to get online and BLOG about what I've been doing.

Let's start with the photo. After Omly sent me the most amazing socks for christmas, I just had to pick my knitting up and go beyond the ever-so-lovely-but-really-dull-knitted-washcloth and move on to bigger an better things. So, at my local yarn shop, they advertised a class on fingerless gloves and the pattern was coming from! It certainly was a pattern that I had seen before and had loved.

Here is the pattern if you'd like to check it out: Knitty Fetching Pattern
and this yarn that I used from artyarns, (however, i bought it from my local yarn shop, Wooly Bully

I have to say that I'm not too happy with the yarn that I chose and how it corresponded to the pattern -- Although I'm a big fan of Artyarns and LOVE this pink and chocolate colorway, I should have went with a solid so that my cables would stand out. Check out the photo on knitty. Yes, that's how they should have looked.

Also, this was my first time with blocking... and I have to say, I'm AMAZED at what blocking can do for a finished object! Wow. Opened a whole new world to me! :)

So, I'm working on my 2nd glove -- and have signed up for another knitting class which I'm thrilled to be taking, and more on that later.

So, why knitting? Well.... I did mention the awesome socks that Omly made me -- and then... well, that's something that can be done while sitting or while laying in bed... which is ALL I HAVE WANTED TO DO IN THE EVENINGS LATELY! :)

I DO need to get my new sewing machine out of the box and put it to use. THAT is on the agenda. Soon.


Maria said...

Glad to see you post an update. I'm planning to learn how to knit socks this summer once I'm done with my masters program. I love your yarn!

Anonymous said...

Neat glove! And it's nice to "hear" from you!

Que Sarah said...

Awesome job on your Fetching!! Knitting can be completely theraputic - I take a small project (usually socks!) with me everywhere!
If you get a chance, check out - it's a knitter's dream :-)

omly said...

Looks like you have the DPNs down! If you wanted you could probably try socks now.