Thursday, March 13, 2008

Book and Magazine Swap!

Ok... as an avid reader and magazine consumer, I have collected quite a bit over the last few months that I've so nicely dispersed among friends and family. However, I thought it would be nice to organize a book and magazine swap-- that was ongoing-- so you're always getting fresh, new, exciting things in the mail! Here's how it would work: All that are interested would sign up. Then, after you read a book, magazine, or what-have-you, and you are finished with it and ready to pass it on, you would email me for an address. I will pick the name from the top of the list, give you the name, and you would send to that person and so on. Once you have become the recipient of an item, and YOU are ready to send something off, you would send back to the person who sent to you, and so on... Make sense? Of course, if my local people want to join in, that would be even better because we wouldn't have to pay postage on those swaps... however, I love getting mail, so I'd probably mail some stuff off too. The best part? (For those of you worried about paying postage)... you can send it "Media Mail", which is SO CHEAP! you can send a package of books for less than you could buy one magazine!!!! Really! So, who is in? I have some mommy magazines that I need to pass on... and a few paperbacks, too! Let's DO it, and save money and lessen our CLUTTER in the long run! :)

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