Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maybe It's Me...

...But the woman at Wal-Mart today was really rude!

Here's the scenario: I've got a full cart (well, semi-full, but seemed full because I was buying SIX large plastic bins for organizing my craft-y stuff)... and so, the bins were stacked inside of each other with the lids inside the one on top.

So, I'm there, with the bins, and with Camden, who is STANDING UP in the baby-part of the cart (don't be alarmed, he does this all the time and is quite talented at it if you ask me)... So, I'm trying to be ever-so-careful so I don't move the cart while he is checking out the view from above.

The woman rings everything up, and leaves the bins on the conveyor belt, all the while, I swipe my card and enter my pin number.

The woman then says "You can get those bins yourself".


So, I walk my pregnant @$$ over to the belt and take the six huge bins and carry them back over to where my cart is. I'm MID-CARRY when (I swear!) she says "Uh, the pin pad is asking you additional questions, and I cannot complete your transaction until you answer them".

I glared at her, and this is what popped out of my mouth:

"I'm really not new to this whole Using-A-Debit-Card-Thing, and you told me to "get my own bins", so I'm trying to "get them" and "get them in the cart" so the woman behind me can start to place her groceries on the conveyor belt. Once I get them in the cart, I will answer the additional question on the pin pad so you can complete my transaction and I'll be on my way."

She just looked at me like "woah". Ok, maybe that was an over-reaction, but she needed to cool it. After all, regardless of if she completed my transaction or not, she couldn't start ringing up the other lady until I moved the huge plastic bins that were taking up all the space on the conveyor belt!


Maria said...

How rude of her! I am not a fan of Walmart. I only go in there maybe once a year, even though the prices cannot be beat on many things. I am a Target girl, through and through. Just got back from there, in fact!

Sheena, Hannah & Hailey said...

I need to get some of those "bins" too. I've been thinking about breaking down and getting some to organize my junk room.

And as for Ms. Walmart...don't worry about her 99.9% of Walmart employees are rude. It's really quite sad what's happened to customer service. =(

artgirlATL said...

I'm with you. The fine attentive folks that work at one of our local W's were so rude on various visits I wanted to poke my eyes out... or theirs actually. finely we changed to another Wal-Mart. We have like four to choose from in a 20 mile radius.