Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spending Time Saving My World

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We have been spending a lot of time together lately, my little man and I. For one, i've been leaving work on time and not staying late to "save the world" as I have been doing so much in the past. Partly, because my intern is doing a good job, and partly, because my doctor advised me to take it a little easier, and partly because after leaving "on time" for a few days straight, one notices that you can do so much with four extra hours of time in the afternoons. Teachers in our county are only paid for 7 and a half hour days. My workday begins at 7 and ends at 2.30, however, by the time I try and save the world, it's 5pm, everyday, and I have worked for two and a half hours for free! So... I'm trying to leave on time. I owe it to my little man, who has been so incredibly sweet lately. I sneeze, he says "Bless You, Mommy". I hand him something, he says "Thank You, Mommy"... and I have just been having so much fun with him. Yes he's a handful. Yes, I'm tired... but, he needs that from me, and I certainly need to be with him now too. With another one on the way, I have to get in these moments with my precious little boy whenever I can. So, I try and save the world between 7 and 2.30, and the rest of my time is spent saving my world-- my Cammie.


cheryl said...

I really admire teachers.

any names yet????

mommacurran said...

beautifully put!