Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Great Name Debate

I took a little hiatus from blogging for Spring Break. Camden and I spent a few days in Fort Lauderdale visiting my dad and mom. It was so nice. Then we spent a few days at home doing nothing. That was nice, too.

Please keep Joe's Pop in your prayers. We were called to come over last Saturday night, so we drove to Panama City around 11pm and stayed on Sunday. They were getting worried that he may not make it. Luckily, he seems to be recovering and we keep checking up on him each day. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Spring Break is over and work is back up to speed. This is also my last week with an intern, so I'm going to be more than slammed next week. However, the bright side is that I have seven weeks left of this school year... and that means seven weeks left to work, and then I'll be home for close to half a year! Summer, and then maternity leave!

Speaking of maternity leave... we are getting excited. I have picked out the bedding (with a little help from my mom).. and have completed my registry at Target. We have taken Camden out of the toddler bed/crib and he is now in a twin-bed mattress on the floor-- in training for a 'big bed'. I have to admit that the mattress on the floor is driving me CRAZY... but soon we will add the box-spring, and then the frame. We have this set already upstairs, so we have half a bed upstairs and the other half downstairs, which adds to the craziness, but "they" say this is how you make the change into a 'big' bed. I think he will be fine. I'm going along with it to humor my husband. He was fine sleeping in a 'big' bed at my mom's house for four days... and that was a 'big bed' even to me, as you have to get a running start and jump just to get on it, it's so high and fluffy!

However, we have entered THE GREAT NAME DEBATE. I'm getting a little irritated at this point and this process is BEYOND fun. Here is what has happend so far.

1. I wanted to name the baby something after my dad. We chose Jon Carter, and we'd call him Carter. My dad's first name is Jon, middle name is Leslie. We were sure it was going to be a boy, although I really really wanted a girl. Well, I got my wish and now we're STUCK on the name. I can't name her Leslie because my sister's name is Leslie! We would like to use Leslie as a middle name, and so are trying to find a first name that we like that would go with it.

2. At this point, I could switch gears and focus on naming the baby something after my mom. Good thought. Good idea. (However, some of us know how my mom was named, and although that's funny, she still has a good strong name.)

3. We then started exploring the dreaded name lists.

4. I chose Ellelesa - which I partly made up and partly copied from some other name that I found.

5. No one liked it. My husband hated it.

6. I changed it to Alesa. I then began calling the baby Alesa. I like that name.

7. My husband was not sure about it. My sister declared that she didn't like it.

8. We then toyed with names. My husband likes Carly. I hate it. My husband likes Charlotte. I think that one is ok. I like Caroline. We're both ok with that one.

9. I chose Kennedy and sort of fell in love with it. My husband said it was good. My mom liked it. My sister liked it. Not sure how other people felt about it.... but I was okay with it. Then, my husband text messages me to inform me that Kennedy was a democrat. So that means the name is out of the picture.

10. This morning, I started looking deeper into meanings of names. I looked up Kennedy. It means "ugly head". Yep, it's done. NOT naming her ugly head.

11. My husband and little sister decide THEY are going to take charge of the name. They come up with Ella Elizabeth and think that they've come up with this on their own. I remind them that before we knew Camden was going to be a boy, I had thought of the first name "Ella" because my husband and I sort of fell in love at Lake Ella, not to mention Ella Fitzgerald is amazing, and every older-woman Ella that I've met is just so cool. My husband added Elizabeth. We liked it. Then, Camden turned out to be a boy, and Joe's uncle's wife had a baby a few weeks before Camdenw as born, and they named her................. Elizabeth. So that's out.

12. At this point, she is "Baby Girl [LastName]" I am sick of names and don't want to do this anymore.

So, help. Submit your names.
Here is a list of family names to get you started: Leslie, Kimberly, Mary, Anne, Theresa, Sarah

Thanks for the help, ya'll. Otherwise, I may just name her Ellelesa Ugly Head Elizabeth.


Average Jane Crafter said...

We had similar issues when picking a name for our second child. For a while, we thought it was a girl, then found out we were actually having a boy. I was thankful, because the boy name was easy to come up with! The girl name ... notsosmuch.

Several of your names were on our list for a girl. I also love Corinne, and my favorite name of all time - even though EVERYONE seems to dislike it - is Maeve (pronounced May-ve)

What's wrong with naming her after a democrat!? ;)

mommacurran said...

My dad's middle name is Leslie. I have never heard any other man with that name.

I love old names. Beatrix is my favorite. She would have to go by Bea and NOT Trixi. When I had Nathan, had he been a girl he was going to be Anna Elizabeth and I was going to call "her" Anna Beth. Both family names and I like the southern two name thing. There is a precious girl in Adam's class named Clementine. I love that too.

Maybe you just need a little name break. Something will come and it will be perfect.

Mary (craft addict) said...

OK, how did your husband not know Kennedy was a Dem?

I'm rather partial to Mary. ;)

I tend to like more traditional names, so ...


And then because I'm a Southern girl and lit fiend, Harper.

Anonymous said...

ok how about jonette kimberly chapman

hsing3kinder said...

If our last child had been a girl, we would have used May Amelia ~ instead we have a Parker Henry!
Good Luck~ Kris