Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Son, Shrek

This is why I'm proud to be the mom of a BOY...

Camden has been on a Shrek kick lately. It does not help that we have Shrek 1, 2 and 3... and so have enough DVDs to go around... one permanetly in the car... one in the house... etc.

Last night, like every night before, Camden got in the tub. He has usually been doing a "jungle book" bit in the tub where he lays back and says "relax like jungle book"... repeating the scene where Baloo is floating in the pond with Mowgli sitting on his belly. In this bubbly reinactment, Camden is obvously playing the part of Baloo. It was funny the first time, and cute each time after that. Just cute.

Well... he is now on his Shrek kick, and has discovered that Shrek takes a mudbath in a few of the movies whereas he can make bubbles with his own butt. Camden thinks this is the coolest thing, and thus has dropped his "relax like jungle book" bit for the "making bubbles like Shrek" bit. Well... (and I know you know what's coming, but humor me...)... last night, as he was doing his Shrek bit... he actually did more than "poot" in the tub... yes, he made me a nice baby-ruth- al'la Caddyshack! Which he then thought was really really funny, and began laughing, saying "Shrek poop in tub, Shrek poop in tub"... I then scooped him up, got him out of the tub, turned on the shower, hosed him down, and all the while we had a ten-minute conversation about the difference between pooT and pooP.

Don't ya just love little boys!?

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