Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still out here.

I'm still out here. Just been busy. Work has really picked up. Can you believe I haven't BEEN at work, and I've been busy WITH work? Makes no sense, but I've been in workshop after workshop. Tomorrow, I teach two classes and then go to yet another workshop. I'm sure my team members are ready for me to return. Students are not exactly "good" for substitute teachers. However, I've gotta get these workshops in! There are many important things to be learned.

On the homefront, we have the painting completed. I don't have photos yet as we're still trying to get things put back up on the walls where we want them. I have a vision for our ledge. -- If you've been reading me for awhile and/or listened to my podcast you know my irritation with this LEDGE in my home. It calls for something to be up there, but it has to be the right thing, or grouping of things! And... I have a vision! I shared the vision with my sister, who then FOUND one of the items that I need to purchase to go up there... it has to do with mermaids... and I'll leave it at that.... I'll post a picture if I ever get to the store to buy the thing and get it placed perfectly. These things take time. I'm trying to rid clutter and stop impulsive purchases. My husband and I are discussing what we want before we "do" anything. So, we are still gathering our vision.

Further, I have to make a public announcement that every ounce of clothing in my house is washed and put away (besides the items we are currently wearing). The "one load a day" as suggested by flylady at actually does work! I had to work through a mountain before I got to the one load a day... but once I did that... It's SO EASY!

Tonight for dinner, I made carrotts, squash, mashed potates and chicken. (ALL PRODUCE WAS BOUGHT AT THE FRESH MARKET TODAY). I just love The Fresh Market. I have been completely craving veggies all the time and don't really care for meat. Has anyone else experienced this in their previous pregnancies? I do have to say that this pregnancy has been TOTALLY different. I know it's a girl, because she's a finnicky eater, and craves healthy things. (Other than the Bacon Egg and Cheese McDonalds that she has to have once in awhile...) I'm doing well weight wise, and am very happy that I've only gained "baby": (read- I'm NOT getting fat all over this time!)...

And finally, I leave you with this... WE HAVE DECIDED ON A NAME!

Some of you know it... some of you don't.

I will announce soon.

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Mary (craft addict) said...

All three of my pregnancies were very different. But the food aversions/cravings I had when I was pregnant each time have carried over to the kids. My oldest eats pretty much nothing. The middle one eats anything and everything. Youngest is not a big meat eater.