Sunday, May 04, 2008

Anniversary Approaching and A Whole Lotta Knittin' Going On...

Joe and Jessica :) edited
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Our 3 year anniversary is approaching. I edited this photo last week and gave it to Joe in a frame for his desk. Just because. He bought me some adoreable silver stack rings that say faith and hope. Just because. (Well I guess they were for our anniversary, but I have them already!).... We are planning a little trip for our anniversary, but are not sure where to go yet. We have to take the boy with us, so it can't be anywhere terribly romantic... haha!

I've been super busy knitting my clapotis from I chose lorna's laces in vera... it's SO beautiful so far, and I don't want to stop knitting it. I took care of my motherly and wifely duties this weekend, and all the rest of the time I spent watching movies and knitting. The laundry is all done, my boys got great home-cooked meals and freshly baked cookies. Camden has been sick, so we've been dealing with that too... but all my "in between" time has been spent on this shawl. I'm super excited about it and can't wait to finish.

I finally bought a Denise kit (pink, of course!) and LOVE it... it was my mother's day gift. :)

SO... lots of jumping around on the creative front... haven't drawn or blogged or even taken any photos... but I have been knitting.

My husband is questioning the shawl. Maybe having a little fun with the fact that I'm making a shawl.... but it's not just a shawl, it's a clapotis, so it can be a scarf too!

At any rate, here's the capital update... now... guess where I'm off to? Yes.... and then to do more knitting and TV watching.


Maria said...

Good to see you update your blog! I'm finishing up knitting a baby blanket for my nephew's baby to be born next month. Then I think I'll start on some scarves for Christmas gifts.

Looking forward to pics of your shawl!

Happy Anniversary too! Ours is this month also--2o years already.

omly said...

Wow, look how long Joe's hair was! Glad to hear that you are still creating, no matter how you are inspired at the moment.