Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Royal Ripple - Test Swatches

Royal Ripple - Test Swatches
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New project in progress. This one is sort of a secret knit. I have done a few test patterns so far and finally found one that I like.

This yarn, though, is amazing! 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk.... The silk in this yarn reflects light like a prism while the soft and hollow alpaca fibers act like goose down, keeping you slightly warm without the weight. Baby alpaca is the softest, finest classification of alpaca, and the luxurious feel of this yarn against the skin is pure heaven!

This is going to make a LOVELY Royal Ripple! I do think, though, that I've underestimated my yarn usage. So, instead of 5 skeins, I think I'm going to need 10. Yikes! :)

The summer is approaching and I'm so glad that I'm going to be off. I had my year-end review today. A meeting that I lost sleep over because our administration this year has been very "business like and of few words"... so I really had no idea going into the meeting if it was going to go well. It went great and I got a great review, thank god... but I'm GLAD I'm about to be off for the next four and a half months. The stress from this year has taken its toll and I'm ready for a nice LONG break~!

On the homefront-- I took Cammy to the pool today. It was a disaster and we had to leave after about 30/minutes. He is not afraid of the water so just walked right up and jumped in. Which totally freaked me out. I need to permanetly sew (or knit) swimmies onto his arms for the remainder of the summer until we can get this boy some swim lessons! (Which I plan to do real soon.)

Ok, I'm going to rest now... Joe laid down with Camden at 8 and they are both asleep now. It's near 11 and I've just been knitting and watching the dumb stuff on TV. Time for bed now.

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