Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Night Update

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Ravelry Update- May 11, 2008
I’m bookin’ on this ya’ll. I’m now almost done with the 3rd section, which is the longest section. So… my goal is to have this done by the time the school year is over. I have three more weeks. I know I have less time to knit during the week, especially at the end of the school year with so many things going on… but I’m going to try to get it done!

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day! My boys spent the day in the yard and I spent the day resting. Field trip to the Holocaust Museum tomorrow... gotta be at school at 5.30am, and we won't get back 'til 10pm or so, so today I had to get Camden's teacher's teacher appreciation gift wrapped and ready for delivery on Monday, and three dozen cookies baked for delivery on Tuesday-- since I know I won't be up to it tomorrow when I get back from the field trip! :0

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