Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whirlwind and Dryer Sheets

Today was a whirlwind day. My end of the year is "wrapping up" at school and so there are so many things to do, plan, and follow through with. Today was the 8th grade luncheon that I coordinate every year for our graduating 8th graders. Joe graciously volunteered to pick up the food for us and deliver it to the school, so that was a lot of stress off of me. The luncheon went very smoothly, however, I'm glad to have it behind me. It seems to be such an "easy" thing, but really, takes a lot of work to coordinate!

Joe had two games tonight so I have the boy by myself. We had a nice dinner, played a bit and then went up and took our baths. Once we were done, I told Camden that I was going to go switch over the laundry and then we could read stories before bedtime. Little did I know that I would spend the next 45 minutes in the laundry room- BECAUSE HE LOCKED ME IN THERE! I was so upset and that got him upset and he couldn't get the lock opened because he was so flustered! Then, after about 30 minutes, I told him to go get my phone. Luckily, I have one of the slimmest cell phones on the market, so he was able to get it and slide it under the door. I called and called and called people. I finally got my mom in Fort Lauderdale. She was able to calm me down and help me get Camden calm and he ended up unlocking the door! We met each other in a sweaty tear-stained embrace, and THAT was the BEST hug that I've had all WEEK!

Whew! Now... off to watch American Idol! (Now that I'm out of Laundry Hell!)


Kacy said...

OMG! That story is crazy!! I'm so glad that you were finally able to get out. A pregnant woman does not need that kind of stress!! LoL!

Que Sarah said...

Holy cow! That's horrible! I'm so glad you were able to calm him down enough to get you out, that must've been so stressful for both of you!