Monday, June 16, 2008

Knitting Bag Detail

Knitting Bag Detail
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Here's an upclose photo of the knitting bag that I made to go with the needle case. They have both been put to good use already.

I now plan to take a little break from crafting for a bit until I get my house in order for the baby. I'm still going to be working on those socks (next class is Wed. and I should have them done then)... and I'm still doing the letterbox group, but today's scare has got me in gear to make sure every ounce of this house is organized before little Ella comes.

Last night and today I had a lot of cramping and discomfort. I waited a bit and then called my doctor who sent me immediately to the hospital to get checked. I spent a few hours there and was sent home - I'm only dialated one cm and the contractions are just Braxton Hicks contractions ........and some of the discomfort is due to the fact that I haven't gained much weight and the baby is getting bigger and there's really no where for her to go but OUT, so there's a lot of stretching going on. PLUS, I'm also chasing and lifting a two year old around and doing a lot of house stuff. Yes, I need to PACE myself, but I still need to get it all done. And so, it goes....

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Sheena said...

I am glad to hear that everything was alright with your "scare". I can't imagine how busy you must be lately. Try and get at least a little relaxation in every now and then!