Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CVSing It

My wonderful friend Kacy told me about the Extra Care Program at CVS where you can earn bucks back on your purchases. I thought this was cool and wondered why I never earned more than 50 cent here or there on my card. She explained the program further and told me if you combine it with coupons that you can get so much stuff for POCKET CHANGE. I almost didn't believe her -- it sounded too good to be true... but she was right! If you play the game right you CAN! The catch is to buy the things that you will use that will earn you back Extra Care Bucks and then use them combined with coupons on items that will earn you more Extra Care Bucks. The Money Saving Mom explains it best in her CVS 101 tutorial. I seriously have been doing this and have gotten over $100 in products in the last two weeks for less than $25 bucks. This includes Joe's vitamins, Camden's pull-ups, face wash, deodorant, toothpaste, razors, body wash, baby wipes-- all things that we use on a daily basis!

I've tried to budget our groceries and things just to try and be more wise with our money. I end up spending a lot at the grocery store each week and just by watching the sale and using coupons I've cut $60 a week off our groceries. That's $120 savings in two weeks. Sounds crazy, but it works! I always thought I didn't have the patience to shop for things on sale and just always had the "if we need it we'll get it" philosophy. Then after talking to Kacy, I found out there's a better way to enjoy all of the things that you need and want without paying so much money for it! So, I've committed to doing this for a month, then checking the savings compared to the month prior. If it's enough of an amount to make a difference I will continue. It's not that difficult and it's actually kinda fun getting a good deal. I almost already know that it's making a big difference because we've seen it immediately! I'm not buying many off-brand things, other than things that don't matter like paper plates and stuff, and I'm still cooking great meals and we still have all the things that we had before, just at a lower cost.

So today I went to CVS and bought baby wipes, baby powder, baby wash, (to stock Ella up before she arrives), and two packs of gum. I paid TWELVE CENTS GUYS! TWELVE CENTS!!! I could dig that out of my couch!

This is how I did it. I DID buy the off-brand baby products this time because I had a few $2/off any CVS skincare purchase coupons. All of the CVS brand baby products just happen to be on sale for $2 each now. However, I like the purple bottle stuff that has the lavender and camomille in it and CVS brand has that same stuff... and it smells exactly the same! Also, the gum that Joe likes is B1G1 Free at CVS right now and I had a B1G1 Free coupon so two B1G1 free's = TWO FREE.

Here's the transaction:
baby powder $2.00
baby wipes $2.00
baby wash $2.00
Trident Gum $1.49
Trident Gum (Free) B1G1 store sale

-$2.00 CVS skincare coupon (print three)
-$2.00 CVS skincare coupon
-$2.00 CVS skincare coupon
-$1.49 Trident Gum B1G1 Coupon

+tax 12 cent. (not sure where they figured this from but hey I was not going to argue).

Total= 12 cent!

PLUS, I earned $1 Extra Care Buck BACK... so they basically PAID me to take these items home. I will use the Extra Care buck just like a coupon for my next visit.

Amazing, I know! :)


Kacy said...

I love this post...your excitement is literally jumping through the words!! LOL :)

Sheena said...

That is amazing!!! :-D We're definitely coupon shoppers in this house so I know how exciting it is to get it all worked out in your favor!

And a love the new header. Very pretty!