Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot bath and M&Ms

M&Ms 003
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Right now all I want to do is take a hot bath and eat a big bag of M&Ms.

Seriously. I'm exhausted.

This is how my day went: Woke up, made coffee, got Camden's breakfast, opened the newspaper, started planning my shopping trips for the day, Joe woke up, made himself and Camden another breakfast, then they went outside to work in the yard and I went upstairs to print out some coupons... I was not upstairs for five minutes when I heard "Honey........ could you come down a second?"... I was like What the ??? and went on down stairs, to find Joe laying on the floor halfway in the sliding glass door and halfway out with his head down on the floor panting and I was like WHAT???? What happened????? He freaking sprained his ankle while doing yard work. Seriously. Was not out there but for ten minutes and sprained his ANKLE! So, I had grocery and household shopping to plan for and do, a house to clean, and so many other things to do, and now I had a 2 year old companion the whole day because someone was laid up on the couch with his foot up. He seriously cannot even walk on it. So tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment at 11am and I suspect he will have one too if it is not better in the morning.

So that explains my hard day and why I am so exhausted now. I'm sitting in the recliner upstairs in our bedroom on my laptop and I'm about to get to work on a technology project for the school district, a project that I'm working on this summer. So, off I go to do that... I'm wrapping up projects so SOON I'll be blogging about "doing nothing but resting".


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Mary said...

Oh no! Hope he's feeling better soon.