Sunday, July 27, 2008

Broccoli, Celery, Gotta Be... Veggie Tales!

I love the Veggie Tales. I really do. I love them for the messages that they teach my oh-so-impressionable son. Their silly songs make me laugh. Both Joe and I can sing the theme song by heart. I love them, I really do.


I love them, but I can't stand to watch them, which is why they are a CAR MOVIE. The definition of CAR MOVIE is a movie that I just can't bear to watch anymore so Camden watches it in the car so I don't have to actually watch it. I just have to listen to it... which is fine... because again, I love their songs and messages.... I just can't watch them. ANYMORE. read on.... Just two. minor. things. bother me...

First, they HOP everywhere. They hop because they don't have any freaking legs. Now this is a fine way to get from place to place, but in certain movies all that hopping makes me dizzy just watching them. I swear even bunnies don't hop that much. But I can deal with them not having legs. They hop. That's fine. What really irritates me is that they don't have any arms either! We all know that these Veggie Tale movies are "action packed" so you know they have props - and things to hold. So, since they don't have any arms, they don't actually hold on to said item, it just floats in the air in the vicinity of where their arm should be. So, watching a Veggie Tale Pirate sword fight is almost like watching David Blaine on TV. The swords are just levitating out there in mid air. Really.

Look at this tuba. He's not holding it. He's not playing it- he has no fingers! He's basically holding the whole darn thing up with his lips. Amazing! Gideon Tuba Warrior really does "love his lips" he even has a song about it.

And this one... take a closer look at the announcer. He is not holding the microphone, it's just levitating in the air. A total David Blaine phenomena.And this is a personal favorite. Good 'ole Sheerluck Holmes doesn't even have to hold his magnifying glass, it just sticks right to his eye like a super contact lens.

But really. I love the Veggie Tales. Especially for my child who picks up every bad word that he has ever heard on "other kid movies" and repeats them... especially in front of company or loved ones. (Because we don't talk like that, really, we don't. )

And I guess the Veggie Tales not only teaches our children classic Bible stories and to love Jesus and to trust God, but also, it teaches them to appreciate and accept the disabled. So, on that note, thank you, Mom, for making these Veggie Tales videos magically appear in our mailbox. Camden now thinks they grow there. He's even spoke of fertilizing our vegetable garden in the mailbox.

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Anonymous said...

I dislike kids movies in general but especially most things animated. And animated musicals? I'd sooner stick a pen in my eye.