Friday, July 25, 2008

My Money Saving Adventures

Our grocery bill usually runs about $150-$175 a week. I cook most meals at home and we like our name-brand food! We don't generally buy the store-brand unless it's something that does not matter (like bread). After reading a few money saving tips from Money Saving Mom - and of course talking to my friend Kacy, I was able to figure out ways to save! I'm so excited to report that I spent $82.56 this week on groceries without skimping on ANYTHING... I got all of the things we like! That's three meals a day for three people for seven days. Amazing!

This probably seems so obvious to most people, but it was not to me. Before, I would just go to the store and buy groceries. I never paid attention to prices or sales or anything. Of course I'd snag the B1G1 free sales because they were staring me in the face, but I never checked the prices on meats and fruits and bought what was on sale before.

So, this is how I did it- oh, the obvious way! The first thing that I did was look at the sale papers and planned my meals based on what was on sale. I'm usually a Publix snob-- I buy everything at Publix to save me from having to go to multiple stores. However, after looking at Winn-Dixie's sales this week, I went ahead and bought some things there. I haven't always been a fan of Winn-Dixie and my mom and I both think it smells like meat in there. (Yuck.) - But it really shaved $20 off my grocery bill this week because I was able to get our name brand veggies (*Birds Eye Steam Fresh, that steams right in the microwave) for $1 a bag instead of nearly $3 a bag! I was also able to get some fresh fruits from there for $1 a pound as opposed to $3.99 a pound at Publix! The best part was I didn't have to go out of my way to find a Winn-Dixie because there is one right next door to Camden's daycare. There just happens to be a CVS right next door to that too!

So, this is what I spent:

Publix: 56.80
W/D: 21.77
CVS: 3.99 (milk) - You may not know that milk is actually $1 cheaper at CVS... so while I was in there using my coupons to get my free baby items this week, I went ahead and got milk too. I ended up getting baby wipes, baby powder and milk for the cost of the milk alone because I had coupons for the other two, which made them FREE!

Grand Total: $82.56 - ***That is over seventy dollars in savings based on what I USUALLY spend per week at the grocery store! I still am cooking the same type of meals and we have the same name-brand food, I just used coupons for some items and planned my meals based on what was on sale- which in essence made it EASIER on me because I didn't have to sit there and dream up what I was going to cook this week, it was all there for me.*****

Another thing that we did to save money this week was cut our digital cable down to a more basic cable package. We have been paying $70 a month for digital cable for the last two or three years and we really don't watch that much TV. Everything we watch comes on local channels, TBS, etc. Most of the time we spend watching whatever movie Camden wants to watch- over and over and over again, which is what sparked the conversation to change our cable plan in the first place. So I called and asked about dropping it down to something more basic. For $16 a month, we are getting ALL of the channels that we watched before and it's just not digital. We don't get all of the specialty channels anymore like the DIY network, or the FOOD network, etc. But we never really sat and watched those anyway! We kept our high speed internet because we both need that for work purposes and to keep in touch with friends and family. So our cable/internet bill will now go from $130/month to about $76 a month, which saves us about $54 a month. So between the grocery savings and the cable savings, we'll have more to save- or spend on baby #2's daycare... LOL!


Kacy said...

Great work, Jess!! Love the breakdown of everything. I too couldn't believe that I never even acknowledged Winn-Dixie for the longest time!! LoL. Even if I just snag BOGOs and sale items, it saves tons of $$$ :)

omly said...

Another easy change to make is to buy in bulk items that won't go bad. We spend $40-50 a week (less in the summer) that way while still having name brand items.