Monday, July 14, 2008

The Secret Garden Nursery Completed!

The Secret Garden Nursery is complete.

Thanks to Granny Annie for all her hard work in creating the mural and for all of the other items for the baby room-- the lamp, the mirror, the rack, the angel! (It took her almost three full days to do that mural, ya'll... and It looks so lovely!) Thanks to my wonderful husband for helping and for hanging the large items on the walls just perfectly. Thanks to Uncle Dan for all of his assistance with the gifts and clothes. Thanks to Gee for making and sending the letters for above the crib and for all the beautiful clothing that was sent. Thanks Granddaddy for the furniture in the room. Thanks to Nana and Grandma Hawthorne for sending wonderful gifts of clothing and blankets already. Thanks to big brother Cammy for (daily) running upstairs to "check on" (play) with the dolls and items that we've collected on a special chair. Thanks to our loving and wonderful family, we've got an amazing nursery for our sweet baby girl. Now let's just hope that on August 14th she's still a girl. :)


Eileen said...

It's beautiful!

I just finished listening to 14 episodes of your podcast. I really enjoyed it - will you be podcasting again?

Maria said...

I love, love, love it! Hope you're feeling well and the last few weeks of your pregnancy go smoothly. How blessed you are to have such loving, helpful family.

Sheena said...

It is so beautiful! What an amazing family you have and how lucky is your baby girl to have them ready and waiting for her.