Thursday, July 10, 2008

Terrible Twos

Smooches for Granddaddy
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A few days ago we were at the library. I had a list of books on reserve, all dealing with the "terrible twos". Cammy and I went into the library and waited in line to pick up our reserves. In line, he managed to throw two individual fits. The second fit happened as we were going up to the counter because he didn't want me to hold him. So while he was yelling and screaming I was struggling to hold him, and he then decided to take off his shirt and fling it across the room like some midget chippendale dancer. The lady behind the counter retrieved his shirt for me, and then chuckled to herself as she read the titles of the books I was checking out, again, all dealing with the "terrible twos". Who knew toddlers could be so cute and so irritating all within the same moment?

Yesterday was rough. Cammy was home with me all day and I had a list of a thousand things to do. He was in rare form. I took it all morning long with grace and patience... the fits, the crying, and carrying on.................... by one o' clock I had had it...... I swatted his little bottom and sent him to his room. He then went into a swarm of screaming fits yelling at me that he wanted his GRANDdaddy and that he was telling his GRANDdaddy on me. Then he picked up his imaginary phone in his hand and CALLED his Granddaddy-- "Hello, Granddaddy?, Hey. Mommy not being nice. She need go to time out." Later, when he wouldn't nap, I told him I was going to call his Granddaddy and tell him he was not being a good boy. Guess who took a nap!? That was powerful. Cam just spent all last weekend with Gee and Granddaddy, which is probably why he wanted to call his Granddaddy because he apparently was an angel the entire time he was gone.

And now we are getting ready for Granny Annie and Uncle Dan to come visit. Cam is excited. We have many things to do today, so Cam is at school this morning. I will pick him up after nap.


Sheena said...

Have I mentioned to you how badly I don't want the girls to get any bigger. I can't imagine two having a tantrum at once. I got a feeling we'll be staying home a lot. ::haha::

It's pretty funny how he called his Granddaddy. It's amazing how they can be so precious in the middle of being bad isn't it.

Mary said...

Mine used to do the same thing (I'm talking about the boys here). It's cute but frustrating. This, too, shall pass, my friend.