Monday, August 11, 2008

Bloomin' Bloomers

Baby Stuff 005, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

These bloomers were a gift from my friend Sarah. She got me the gift card to get them and I was able to get one, and my grandma happened to be in town to help out when I was sick a few days ago and bought the other one. I absolultey adore them and can't wait to get them on her little bottom.

Onto the name discussion: we are set on the first name (obviously)... and are having a disagreement about the middle name "Maria". We have changed it so many times now I'm not sure WHAT I like. Joe wants to either keep Maria or go with something baseball-park-themed. (If you didn't already know, Camden was named after Camden Yards. So, yesterday, Joe proposed Shea as a middle name. Obviously from Shea Stadium. Ella Shea just sounds redneck to me. (Apologies to all you rednecks that read my blog, really, I love you all and I'm not making fun of your kind, it's just not really "me", and if it's not really "me", then it's not "Ella".) Not to mention Chipper Jones named his daughter Shea, and he's one quality individual. (think: affair with Hooters girl...)? Even though my Granddaddy Haskew loved the guy, he still is not what I'd consider "quality"... nor what I would want to think about when calling my little girl by her first and middle name when she's in trouble in a few years... And Chipper just appears to be a big dumb jock to me... in one Braves game that we were at, he was interviewed and asked if he prefered Batman or Spiderman. His response: "Spiderman, Wayyyyy Cooler!!!!"... not even correct freaking grammar! Joe and I still say that line to each other and laugh whenever Spiderman is mentioned. So, to make a long story short, SHEA is OUT.

I suggested Ruth. I have an Aunt Ruth who reminds me a lot of my Grandma Haskew, and when I think of her, I can see her smile with these large dimples. In fact, I cannot picture her NOT smiling, because she smiles a lot. And, the baseball reference would be obviously Babe Ruth. Even Camden already knows that "Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player that ever lived"... as he recites from Sandlot.

I even really like Ella Joy. Joe is not sure.

Suggestions anyone? LOL! :)

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