Friday, August 22, 2008

Delivery Photos

Us... before baby number two! Waiting... and Waiting... :)
Gee and Granddaddy brought Cammy in to see me before they delivered Ella.
This is him kissing me goodbye. So sweet.

...and what's even sweeter is my family was so nervous about the surgery,
this is what they did while we were waiting. Quite a funny photo.. :)
My two sisters, my sister's boyfriend, and my Grandma.

Granddaddy and Ella. Ella's first hour at home. :)

Check out the outfit and cute hat! This is what we brought her home in.

More photos coming soon. I stole these from my mom... we have some too, I just need to find the right cord to get things hooked up! I've been out of sorts lately for obvious reasons, so this will do for now.
And just in case you know anyone who is having a baby soon, this is an awesome gift. Ella and I have enjoyed listening to it at night while Daddy lays down with Camden to get him to sleep. We are getting Daddy to set the iPod dock up in Ella's room so we can listen to it in there at night while I'm nursing her.
It's not just for babies, either, if you just like relaxing music, you'll LOVE it! :)

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