Friday, August 01, 2008

Friends are Amazing :)

God has blessed me with some pretty awesome friends. I just got a LOVELY package in the mail from my friend Kacy. Wow, Kacy, you really out did yourself. This package was AMAZING! I knew about the nursing cover, but everything else was a complete and total surprise! I have to show everything here, so, are you ready guys?

First, a very awesome nursing cover, or "hooter hider" LOL! with the loveliest little sewn-in details. The shade of pink is just precious.
Next, a fabric covered wipe holder and matching diaper holder-- in lovely mermaid fabric. You all know how much I love mermaids, so I was thrilled with this little edition for my (or Ella's) diaper bag!!!!!!!!! :). It even came complete with a TON of diapers!!!! :)

Next, she is awesome because she even remembered Camden- she made this AMAZING froggy bean-bag set that spells his name out. He was THRILLED with it. :) (there were even books for him and Ella too!)

And I saved the best for last-- This one blew me away and even made me get a little teary! A LOVELY little handmade baby quilt in yellows and greens and pinks and blues just like Ella's nursery. It's SO BEAUTIFUL! These photos don't do it justice, you'd have to HOLD it to get the full effect. It is so soft and cuddily I just love it!!!!! Here's another photo :):

Can you say AMAZING!? Wow. She did an AMAZING job! I'm definately going to take this quilt to the hospital with us so we can use it right away. :)

My friend Joy threw me the best baby shower last night, too. I'm not a "big-crowd" type of person nor do I really like to be the center of attention, so I'm always uncomfortable at big parties that are for me (i.e. my wedding shower, my LAST baby shower, etc.), so Joy did something completely awesome! She had a little party at her house with just a few girlfriends and lots of great goodies. She made the most amazing mini stuffed tomatoes and tropical salsa and her son made some really good spinach dip! It was really cool and just right up my alley. We just sat around the table, eating, drinking (they had margaritas, I had peach flavored tea!), and of course chatting about anything and everything! Everyone brought amazing gifts, and I'm so looking forward to using the gift cards!!!!!!!!! The little pink and brown outfits that Joy bought were awesome and I plan to take the sleeper to the hospital as well!
Like I said, the lord has blessed me with AWESOME friends and an awesome support system. I feel like a pretty lucky girl today. :)

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delilah said...

very beautiful stuff! I really like the bean bags for Cameron too. I wish my friends sent me cute handmade stuff like that!