Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Thoughts.

A few random thoughts for a great Monday afternoon!
1.  Have you ever drank your own child's puke????  Well it was "Fear Factor" at my house this morning.  Ella was looking all cute in her swing, and she had just woke up so I picked her up and went to kiss her- and she puked!!!!!!!  IN. MY. MOUTH.  What's even grosser than me drinking her puke is that she puked MY bodily fluids.  (oh and I didn't actually DRINK it, I did have sense enough to spit it out.) 
2.  The UPS man made me jump out of my skin today.  A doorbell ring AND a knock.  I get it, dude.


1 comment:

Kacy said...

Jess~Too gross AND too funny! LOL! The UPS guy always gets me too. Their knocks are so loud...and then my two barking dogs don't help any either. Grrr...I guess it's worth it for a fun package though :)