Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saving you $$ at Publix!

In our economy these days, who doesn't want to save more money at the grocery store?!

Even if your family does not "have to" save, I say, Why not! I started looking at things a lot differently since I've been "shopping smarter". If this was my business, I would look for every way to save because everything saved is money earned! I'm motivated by the savings because our family has been able to use the money saved in other aspects - like buying a (much needed) new refrigerator, and re-decorating the master bedroom! - (Master bedroom is still in progress but it has been painted a beautiful color and we have many ideas in mind... and money to do it with!) So... why not? Print some coupons and save some money this week. Even if it's just five or ten dollars, that's a gallon or two of gas! See! It's all in how you look at it! :)


Here are some Publix deals this week (Thursday Sept. 25- Wednesday Oct. 1):

1. Birds Eye Voila! Meals B1G1 Free. Use this printable coupon, *print two!* use 1 coupon for each item and get both for around $1.40 each! - great "easy" night meals when you would otherwise do takeout!

2. General Mills Cheerios Cereal $1.99 for 8.9-oz box - Use this printable coupon to get each box for 99 cent each! (limit four).

3. Nestlé Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer On Sale for $2.99 Assorted Varieties, 10.2 or 15-oz bot. Use these printable coupons to get $1 off one or $1.50 off two. (you may have to sign up for this one, but if you're a coffee drinker, it's totally worth it, as these coupons are ongoing!) *this one expires today, hopefully they'll update it with another!*

4. General Mills Cereal - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE - Reese's Puffs, 18-oz - Use printable coupon for 55c off Reeses Puffs here (print two) (you'll get two boxes for around $2.)

Use two coupons on B1G1 Free items to maximize your savings! You are allowed to use one coupon per item, and even though you're already getting that one item for free, the two coupons will come off of the price of the one that you are buying... For example, The Voila! meals are B1G1, orignally priced at around $4.19 each. So, you will buy two, and use $1/off coupon on each item. Since you are getting one free, you are really taking $2 off one... thus, getting them both for $2.19! - This saves you six dollars total :)............ AND since they are "Voila" meals, (quick and easy)... you are really saving because you will end up cooking these on a night when you would otherwise order pizza when you're too tired to cook! -- so I guess it's also saving you pounds too! Ha!

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