Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." -Charles M. Schulz

Fuzzy Hat., originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

So here's a little eye candy for ya. Isn't she a cutie? This is a little hat that my student Morgan knitted for her before she was born. Her head is finally large enough for her to wear it. It seemed so small when Morgan gave it to me... who would have thought that she'd have to "grow" into it? LOL. I saw Morgan's mom in the grocery store a few weeks ago. Morgan's sister was with her, but Morgan had decided to stay home. Her mom said she'd be "mad at herself for staying home..." that they ended up running into me was so funny! The kids are really missing me at school. It makes me feel good that I'm so needed and wanted and loved there, but it also makes me feel so uneasy about being gone. I have to make myself stay away, and make myself "not worry" about them. They are in GREAT hands, but I'm not there. Which leads me to how I will feel in November when I go back to work... Ella will be in GREAT hands... but I won't be there. I went in to talk to the little old ladies today at the church where Ella will be going. They thought she was so adoreable, and I assured them that she's a good baby- just like Camden was. Joe and I have worked it out so that she won't be at daycare long. If he takes them in a little later and I pick them up by 3 (on days that I don't have a meeting, which will be most days)... they will only be there for a few hours each day, which makes us feel so much better.

Creatively, I'm beginning a new adventure that I'm hoping to learn a lot from in the next few weeks. I will be able to talk about this more soon. Ella will be coming with me- thank goodness for the zolowrap- my favorite sling ever!!!

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