Thursday, November 13, 2008

Computer Trouble

We've had some computer trouble - a virus that just will NOT go away. We're just WAITING for the computer to NOT work anymore... and I'm concerned! However, if I can recommend ANYTHING, it's not only backing up your files, it's backing up your PICTURES! I can live without all the files... the "book" that I started writing and never got to, the million lesson plans that I have saved, etc. BUT MY PICTURES! Oh, man, I would be so upset if I lost all of them, because many of them I haven't printed yet. I have been really good about loading them to flickr, though. I have a ton of pictures on flickr, and a lot of them are set to "private" so you probably don't even know that they are on there... the ones that you see are only about 1/4th of the pictures that are on there! So, if I can recommend anything to you today, I recommend that you get a service like Flickr and pay for it. For $24 a year, it's SO worth it to me to know that all of my photos (my prized possessions) are safely stored on SOMEONE ELSES server! :) And that's my business plug for today!

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AmyC said...

I *flickr* and fd's flicker toys is fun too! Have a great weekend Jessica.