Friday, November 21, 2008

Ella Kate

The doctor said she's going to be okay. Many of you didn't know, but Ella was born with a hole in her heart. We have had to wait three long months to find out what this meant, and if it meant surgery, or if it would close up and heal like nothing was ever wrong. Today, we learned that the hole in her heart has closed. As I shook the doctor's hand, and thanked him, tears of joy and relief fell down my face. We are overwhelmed with relief, happiness and thankfulness to God. What are we Thankful for this Holiday Season? Doctors. Healthy Children. Family. Friends. Love. God.


hsing3kinder said...

Thanks & Praise to God!!
What a miracle ~ many blessings on your sweet family (((Jessica)))

AmyC said...

How scary! It is amazing how little baby bodies heal.