Monday, November 03, 2008

Newfound Glory

Staying at home all day with kids is easy. I keep my house spotless with ease, I sip coffee and watch Regis & Kelly, then Martha, then Price is Right while leisurely folding laundry and giggling with my children as they todder by. The house looks good, smells good, and everyone is smiling and happy. There are fresh baked brownies in the oven for afternoon snack. My kids are happily working on educational activities. The birds are singing, the children are laughing (while learning..) and soft classical music is playing in the background...

AND THEN I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously. I used to think that the life of a stay at home mom was like the little dream that I just re-created above. Peachy-keen.

In fact, when I worked, I would often wish to stay home so I'd have more time for my kids and household chores - but who knew that staying home actually creates MORE chores? MORE things to clean up and more people to clean up after? It does.

And the two-year-old in the picture above? Yeah. He's a lot of work. Much more work now that there's a baby in the picture. Today was his first offical day home with me and the baby, the offical end of my maternity leave and start of a stay-at-home mom gig for awhile. I sat down and created a schedule much like his at daycare - and factored in plenty of "teaching time". Our theme this week is cows... we're learning all about cows and the letter C. (I'm following a preschool curriculum... and for some reason, they start with cows...) I found a lot of cool COW books at the library that I've requested. Today, we learned that a baby cow is called a calf. ...and I tried singing some cool cow songs - but Cammy was quick to tell me that they were "silly" and that I'm not "Ms. Joni" (Ms. Joni was his music teacher at school.) Touche, little buddy.

From 8am until 5pm, it was all about Cammy today. Minus the two hour nap that he and Ella so graciously took. During that time, I was able to get some field trip work done for school, and the messes cleaned up in the kitchen and living room and I worked my way upstairs and got half of the upstairs cleaned when everyone woke up.

I'm determined to make this experience fun for Cammy, just like school is. I'm determined to teach him as much as I'm determined to teach my students. This morning he asked me if I was going to be his new teacher. It melted my heart. We did a lot today, and had fun. It was hard work. It was NOT easy. I didn't sit down but to feed Ella. I have a new respect for the stay-at-home-mom. Seriously, it's work. Possibly more work than real work.


Kacy said...

Your "dream" was hilarious!!!!! If only!!

celeste said...

yes, this stay at home gig is much harder than i anticipated too. however, i wouldn't change it for the world. and yes, i think the scheduling thing will help us all here too.