Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Teaching the Art of Giving

Around this time of year, I am usually working with my students to pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It's an event that happens every November, and in my mind, is a great way to gear up for the Holidays. Start the Holidays by giving with your whole heart.

If you don't know much about Operation Christmas Child, go here to learn more. I encourage you to pack a box and pray for a child in need.

It's easy to explain to Middle Schoolers where these boxes are going and why we have to pack them, but it was very difficult to explain to a 2 1/2 year old. We looked at the map and I told him that our box would either be going to Africa or South America. He looked at me and said "I live in America". I said "yes, honey, that's right". So, in trying to explain to him that there are other countries in this world, I showed him photos of other little boys that this box may be going to.

The heart of a 2 1/2 year old is huge. They are really loving, caring, giving beings. My son, the one that doesn't listen very well, and is always running and jumping and whining and crying and yelling and getting put in time out A LOT of times during the day- in this moment, was a different child. He really tried to understand what we were doing. He wanted to send more toys. He couldn't understand how this boy that we were packing for didn't have any toys or soap or toothpaste, etc. He asked a lot of questions. It was incredibly sweet. He wanted to give away all of his toys. My heart melted.

This was an incredible 15 minutes out of my day today- Hopefully this post will inspire you to pack a box.

Happy Holidays!


Kacy said...

Same here! Gabby couldn't believe that the little girl we were sending our box to didn't have any toys. After Justin got home and we showed him the box, Gabby even went and grabbed one of her NEW beanie dogs and put it in the box for the little girl. Tears were totally wanting to fall down my face! They are truly so sweet.

Sheena said...

What a great idea! I know the girls won't understand it but I will definitely be doing one this year to start the tradition!