Wednesday, November 05, 2008

They stole my mom's invention. The tie chair? Yes, that was invented a long time ago, it's called a bedsheet, and my mom tied many a-kids into our dining room chairs to eat when there was not a high chair there to use. If only we had come up with the clever name "Tie-Chair" sounds so much better than "get a sheet!" and of course, they came up with the coolest description for the thing:

The Tie Chair™ is a portable, washable high chair that works just about anywhere, and the best part is that it folds up and fits right in your diaper bag. For added security, the ties are long enough to wrap around again in the back. (ahem, yes, of course it's long enough, it's a SHEET)...

The Tie Chair™ is all fabric (really? a sheet? all fabric? nawwww....), with no hard plastic or metal buckles. (thank goodness, wouldn't want to be sleeping on those!) You can safely secure your child without them feeling detained. (detained? Who worded this thing? LOL!!) There are so many places parents take their children where they do not have high chairs available. Friends houses, family members' houses, and some restaurants often do not have this convenience. (friends houses and families houses probably have a bedsheet!!!.. and if a restaurant doesn't have a high chair I think I'm at the wrong restaurant if I have my kid....) This is why the Tie Chair™ was created - to make a Mother's life simpler. The Tie Chair™ fits most dining chairs,(we hope) and can be used as soon as children are able to sit up on their own. This is so good for going to restaurants and places - just roll up your tie chair in your bag and you have a portable chair restraint (that won't make your child feel detained...LOL) wherever you go! (or just bring along your own sheet...) but for $49.00 plus shipping you can have a designer one that probably won't even work as good as just a simple bedsheet!

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