Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunnynole's Nest - the Etsy shop redesign.

Here I go again! I have gotten a few custom orders lately, and I thought that (well, in my mind, because of that...) I needed to step my shop design up a bit. So, Connie has been hard at work on my re-design. I changed my shop name to Sunnynole's Nest because I thought it incorporated a bit more of what I do here. A shop for moms, babies and the home. I love the design and the name, it's so perfectly fitting. On a more personal note, the "nest" comes from the bit of time that we had to stay back in the hospital after I was released to go home because of Ella's heart. She's all better now, but that nest illustration that they placed on our door has stuck with me. It's in my craft closet now, awaiting a frame. There is a larger meaning beyond the proverbial nest. It is comfort, it is nurturing, it is home. When a mama (or mama bird) is "nesting", they are preparing their home for baby. So, perfect name for my shop, a shop with items for moms, babies and the home.

Only, I haven't been able to come up with a tagline. My husband and I have been trying to decide on one for weeks now and it has not come to us. So, I'm asking for your help! Leave a comment with your suggestions for my tagline. The winner will get a little surprise in the mail.


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Stephanie said...

A [chic]k boutique

-had this on my mind when I read this and didn't want to forget... still trying to come up with something dealing with mommies, babies, and home! :-)