Sunday, January 11, 2009

Painting Day!

Painting!, originally uploaded by SunnyNole.

My boys are painting my room today. Mom and Dad got us a lovely new bedroom set for Christmas, and Joe and Camden are hard at work painting the walls blue. We are actually copying their decor idea in their guest room - it's a beach room, and every time Joe and I stay in it, we are just in love, so we are doing that in our own room. :) The walls are going to be a lovely blue called Pool House. The bedding is called Ocean View from Kohls. We cannot wait to get it all put together!

I've been so busy lately I haven't been able to put up (or take) many pictures. We had to take a trip to Jacksonville to the Lexus dealership for a minor car issue, which was promptly and very easily fixed. I took Camden to the Jacksonville zoo while we were there. It was an impulsive trip, so I didn't bring my camera - otherwise there would have been a lot of awesome photos. We were able to ride the train (which Camden called the Polar Express). Camden fed a giraffe, and loved looking at and learning about all of the animals. We stayed the night with my grandma, who cooked breakfast for dinner, and Camden was just totally puzzled by that- he said "grandma, why you cook breakfast for dinner? it's not morning time"... LOL. He cracks. me. up.

Joe and I had a fantastic night out with some friends last night at Outback. Grandma was visiting her "fellow" over here in Tallahassee this weekend, so she kept Camden, and my sisters attempted to keep Ella, but miss Ella was not cooperative at all, and after about an hour of crying, they called for me to come get her. So, I had to leave the restaurant to go and get her, and my sisters felt so bad, but it was not their fault, Ella just couldn't be soothed. Then, I picked her up and she was okay. She did well for us at the restaurant, so I was still able to enjoy myself. The couple that we had dinner with are expecting their first baby, Evan, in a few weeks, so we talked a lot about babies! We stayed pretty late, and had a fabulous time.

Well I'm off to check on my painters, and get miss Ella down for her nap. We still have a lot of organizing to do, with the new room and Camden's room re-do. I will post pictures when we have something done. :)

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