Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Perfect Day?

Okay, a friend commented to me that I make it seem like everyday is a perfect day at my house with TWO two year old boys and a five month old girl. So, here's the truth. Yes, Joe surprises me with ice cream on the hard days. Like yesterday. After phone call #4 to Daddy, he knew he had to stop and get me a special treat. I had had enough. LOL.

BUT- MOST days are perfect. I am very much a scheduled type of gal, and so if I stay on my schedule and we have no surprise interruptions, we are pretty much smooth sailing all day. Sometimes there will be a few bumps in our day or a meltdown (or two), but we don't let this "ruin" our day. We just pick up and move on to the next thing. It is no secret that kids are better behaved and get along better when there are short, planned activities and smooth transitions into the next activity if someone starts getting fussy. So, we like to "do" a lot. Play with leggos, playdough, bake, make art, sing songs, have outside time, etc. And when someone starts getting fussy we just pack up and move on to the next activity. Plain and simple. And each transition is like a game. If no one wants to clean up, we make it a "race" to see who can clean up the fastest. (Okay, I have to admit, I usually win...)... LOL. But anyway, it may seem like things are perfect and this is easy- but I do have to admit it's not always so. We do have our days when Ella is not cooperating or someone screams loudly and wakes her up from her nap early, or when two boys are jumping on the couch after being told a number of times not to, etc. And those days we just continue to get by. Those are the days that I live for 1pm, when the boys go down for their naps.

Yesterday was a fine example of a "harder" day. Camden was not being cooperative, Dylan didn't feel well, and Ella is teething. So everyone was pretty whiny (including me)... I talk to Joe throughout the day each day and he KNEW yesterday was hard for me. SO, he came home with THIS TREAT... yum. And once our kids were in bed, we sat and ate our ice cream and watched a great movie. The perfect ending for a "no so perfect" day. But, hey, that was our one hard day this week, so the rest should be smooth sailing! :)


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