Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Busy!

Photos by: Jessica Chapman

Sorry for the quietness on this blog lately. We have been busy busy!

Joe's mom had open heart surgery on Friday, so we have been keeping his brother Daniel since last Saturday. Joe had his annual baseball draft this past weekend, so the kids and I had to get out of town so that all the folks from all over the country would have room to sleep and have fun. It's his one weekend a year that he gets together with them, so I don't mind at all... He is a great father and husband and is not one that goes out with the guys much so I'm okay with one weekend a year! We had the house decorated with balloons and had it all ready for his draft. They had an awesome time.

We spent the night at Stephanie's house on friday night and went to check on Nana and Pop on Saturday. We had a busy weekend, and I didn't stop for a moment - even at nighttime! Needless to say, on Sunday when we all got home, I took a much needed nap!

Joe's birthday was yesterday so we arrived back in time to celebrate with him. He got the most amazing gift from us, and I'm going to post pictures a little later on. I'm having trouble getting our other computer to connect to the internet and that's where I post photos from. I don't have time now to fool with it so I'll have to figure it out at naptime. I can't wait to show it off, though. It's awesome. He also got a new shirt and tie - I just love shopping for him at Kohls. I made coconut shrimp, fettuccini alfredo, brussels sprouts and garlic bread for his birthday dinner.

And what about this photo of my Ella Bella? Can you believe she is six months old? Amazing. We got down the exersauser from the attic that Gee and Granddaddy bought for Camden forever ago. She is LOVING it.

Joe's mom is doing better and we are praying for her recovery daily. Daniel is anxious to get back to see her, and I'm ready for things to calm down a bit too. So, we are hoping for a speedy recovery. For everyone!

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