Friday, February 06, 2009

The boys played tee ball in the house yesterday - it has been way too cold for us to go outside for morning play so we have been playing sports in the house. We have all sorts of sports equipment, Hockey, Tee Ball, Basketball, even Golf!

Yesterday, the boys chose teeball... and they hit balls all over the place and laughed their heads off. Which is fine with me. Joe has been playing ball in the house since I met him. After all, when I met him, he had a full sized ping pong table gracing the center of his living room. Classy, I know!, really, we never intended to enforce a "no ball in the house" rule with Camden.

So, the boys play teeball in my living room on cold days, and it's perfectly fine with me. Don't you just love their matching hats? That was their idea.

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